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India Sample Registration System (SRS)

Series type 
Vital registration
Time period 
1969 - present

The SRS survey consists of two primary data collection measures: ongoing enumeration of births and deaths by local field workers, and an independent survey every six months conducted by SRS supervisors. The results of each collection are matched and de-duplicated, and any partial matches are verified through home visits. This process generates a count of all births and deaths within the sample unit for a given six-month period. The results are used to calculate rates of total fertility and mortality, as well as infant and child mortality at the state levels.

As of 2004, the SRS had a total sample of 7,595 units (4,433 rural and 3,164 urban) covering about 1.5 million households and 7.27 million individuals. In rural areas, sampling units consist of a village or portion of a village with a population greater than 2000. In urban areas, sampling units are census enumeration blocks with populations of 750 to 1000. Samples are based on census frames, recalculated after each census year; selected sample units remain the same during the time between sample frame calculations, making the SRS a panel survey.

In addition to calculating fertility and mortality rates, the SRS has also been used to investigate causes of death amongst the sample households. As of 1999, the Survey of Causes of Death was merged with the SRS survey. Households reporting deaths are visited by an SRS supervisor who interviews close family members about the signs and symptoms of the deceased using a verbal autopsy instrument. The results of the verbal autopsy interviews are published separately from the SRS rates.

Results of the SRS are reported briefly in the SRS Bulletins, with a planned publishing schedule of twice yearly, and with more detail in annual SRS Statistical Reports. Bulletins and Statistical Reports are available from the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner. Past SRS Reports and Bulletins may also be available thorugh some library systems.

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