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About Data Availability

When you view a record, you may see a purple button that you can click to go to the website of the data provider. The content of the button indicates what level of access is available:

  • Microdata access: Download - the microdata are available for download either directly or with a simple registration process that can be completed in one day or less.
  • Microdata access: Register - the microdata are available for download with a registration process that takes longer than a day.
  • Microdata access: Request - the microdata are available by special request to the providing organization.  There may be a fee for the data.
  • Tabulations only - Microdata are not available (or not applicable).  Tabulations are available either in a standalone file or in a report.

These values are also available as a filter on your search results.  For example, if you conduct a search for "family planning," you can next filter by "Microdata access: Download" to see only those results where microdata are readily available.  See these example results.