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US Data

Below are links to IHME-produced US data resources.

US Health Map Data Visualization

Use the interactive map to explore health trends in the US at the county level.

US County Profiles

These profiles highlight performance of each US county in terms of mortality rates for select causes, life expectancy at birth, and prevalence of select risk factors.

GBD 2019 Results

National and state-level estimates from the most recent update to the Global Burden of Disease Study are available for 1990-2019 from the following tools:


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Record Publication date Related Publications and Visualizations Data and Documentation
United States Adult Life Expectancy by County 1987-2007 06/2011
Package icon IHME United States Life Expectancy by County 1987-200710.09 MB
IHME Formatted USAID VolAg Database 1990-2007 05/2011
File Data from Volag reports, fiscal years 1990-2007916 KB
File Readme file13.76 KB
PDF icon AID FORM 1550-2250.99 KB
High Cholesterol Survey Review for 8 Countries 03/2011
Office spreadsheet icon IHME Eight Country High Cholesterol Survey Review 1998-200728 KB
United States Hearing Loss Prevalence 1976-2006 03/2011
Office spreadsheet icon IHME United States Hearling Loss Prevalence 1976-200655.5 KB
United States Diabetes Prevalence by County 2008 02/2011
Office spreadsheet icon IHME United States Diabetes Prevalence by County 2008555.5 KB