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United States Adult Life Expectancy by County 1987-2007


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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
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01/1987 - 12/2007
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This is a complete time series for life expectancy from 1987 to 2007 for all US counties, and released as part of IHME research published in Population Health Metrics. The study, "Falling behind: life expectancy in US counties from 2000 to 2007 in an international context," was published June 15, 2011. Results show large disparities nationwide.

Note: The 3,141 US counties were merged into 2,357 clusters for this research. This was done to account for changes in county definitions over time and low death counts in some counties. Counties with fewer than 7,000 males or 7,000 females were joined with neighboring counties in the same state of similar size, income, and percent of population reported as black or Native American until the cutoff was met. Within the dataset, counties in the same cluster will have the same results.