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Switzerland Household Panel Survey

Series type 
In-country survey series
Time period 
1999 - present

The Switzerland Household Panel Survey covers a range of social topics. Sampling is done randomly for each of the seven major statistical regions of Switzerland based on the Swiss telephone directory, which covers over 95% of all private households. Households are eligible if they are private and with a telephone connection registered. The first wave in 1999-2000 included a total of 5,074 household and 7,799 individual interviews. A wave of surveys has been conducted each year since 1999 and three questionnaires are used at each wave: household grid, household, and individual (includes a proxy questionnaire for individuals unable to respond or under the age of 14). All surveys were done by Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). The surveys include extensive coverage of cultural questions such as political opinions, personal satisfaction, and social support.

Switzerland Household Panel Survey Dataset Records

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