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STEP (Skills Toward Employment and Productivity) Skills Measurement Household Survey

Series type 
Multinational survey family
Time period 
2011 - 2017

The STEP (Skills Toward Employment and Productivity) Measurement survey generates internationally comparable data on skills available in developing countries. The program implements standardized surveys to gather information on the supply and distribution of skills and the demand for skills in labor market of low-income countries.

The uniquely-designed Household Survey includes modules that measure the cognitive skills (reading, writing and numeracy), socio-emotional skills (personality, behavior and preferences) and job-specific skills (subset of transversal skills with direct job relevance) of a representative sample of adults aged 15 to 64 living in urban areas, whether they work or not. The cognitive skills module also incorporates a direct assessment of reading literacy based on the Survey of Adults Skills instruments. Modules also gather information about family, health and language.

The household-based survey introduces three unique modules: (1) a direct assessment of reading proficiency and related competencies scored on the same scale at the OECD's PIAAC (International Assessment of Adult Competencies); (2) self-reported information on personality, behavior, and time and risk preferences (e.g., Big Five, Grit, decision-making, and hostile attribution bias); and (3) job-relevant skills that respondents possess or use in their job.


STEP (Skills Toward Employment and Productivity) Skills Measurement Household Survey Dataset Records

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