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Norway Cause of Death Registry

Series type 
Vital registration
Time period 
1951 - present

This system collects data on deaths by age, sex, cause, place of death, and place of residence for Norway. It contains digitized cause of death data dating back to 1951. The Cause of Death Registry is managed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

The registry collects death certificates for all deaths that occur in the country, including deceased who are not registered as inhabitants of Norway. It also registers the deaths of Norwegians who die abroad. Until 2005, causes of death were coded manually. The Automated Classification of Medical Entities (ACME) program was introduced to replace this process. In 2011, the Cause of Death Registry began using a semi-automatic coding program called IRIS, to determine the underlying causes of death from death certificates. Data for infant deaths are verified with information from the Medical Birth Registry, and cancer-related deaths data are sometimes compared with records from the Cancer Registry of Norway.

Since 2001, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has processed data for the registry. In 2014, the NIPH became solely responsible for operating the registry. Prior to that time, this system was maintained by Statistics Norway.


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