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HealthRise Evaluation

Series type 
In-country survey series
Time period 
2015 - 2020

HealthRise was a five-year global program funded by the Medtronic Foundation (MF), designed to improve access to chronic care for individuals in underserved communities suffering from hypertension and diabetes. Its primary objectives were to increase screening, diagnosis, management, and control of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The program was implemented in nine communities in Brazil (2 sites), India (2 sites), South Africa (2 sites), and the United States (3 sites) and grantees in each location developed programs uniquely tailored to each local context. Despite substantial variation in program design, all shared the same core principles: empowering individuals living with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, enabling frontline health workers to better address the needs of these individuals and communities, and supporting advocacy and policy that promotes effective care for non-communicable diseases.

IHME served as the independent evaluation partner and carried out three primary activities: establishing baseline measurements and conducting a needs assessment, managing program monitoring, and conducting an endline evaluation.

HealthRise Evaluation Dataset Records

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