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Gavi Full Country Evaluations (FCE) Project

Series type 
Multinational survey family
Time period 
2013 - 2016

Initiated in 2013, the Gavi Full Country Evaluations (FCE) are three-year prospective studies that aim to understand and quantify the barriers to and drivers of immunization program performance, with emphasis on the contribution of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in four countries: Bangladesh, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia. IHME is determining how Gavi’s process, products, and resources work at the country level to influence immunization-related outcomes.

The evaluations are carried out by a consortium of research partners led by IHME and are financed through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a public-private partnership that funds and improves access to vaccination in the world’s poorest countries. With the help of universities and health institutes in each country, IHME is gathering real-time data in order to provide feedback to Gavi and country stakeholders. The project also estimates trends at the national and subnational levels to assess the alignment of program activities with a given country’s needs and priorities.

In addition to improving future immunization activities, the prospective nature of the evaluation provides real-time feedback on vaccine program implementation to Gavi and country stakeholders, which allows for timely action by country leaders and implementers, Gavi, and Vaccine Alliance partners.  Last, the methods developed and utilized by the FCE are designed to be exportable and adaptable to future contexts and countries.

Gavi Full Country Evaluations (FCE) Project Dataset Records

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