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Zimbabwe Mortality Report 2007


General Info
Zimbabwe (ZWE)
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Time period covered 
01/1990 - 12/2007
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The Zimbabwe Mortality Report 2007 contains tabulations on deaths in all 10 provinces for 2007. The main source of the mortality statistics is registered deaths data from the Registrar General's Office. Other sources include censuses, surveys, and facility inpatient data. The late registrations for 2006 are included in the 2007 data as a proxy for 2007 late registrations. The report acknowledges that there is under-registration in rural areas.

The report provides tables on the following: deaths by age group and province; deaths by sex, province and district; suicides by sex and province; deaths from AIDS by sex, age and province; maternal deaths by cause; and total deaths by sex and cause coded in ICD-10.