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WHO Global Database on Iodine Deficiency


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Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Information System (VMNIS), Iodine data by country
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Time period covered 
01/1983 - 12/2006
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The WHO Global Database on Iodine Deficiency provides estimates of goiter and iodine deficiency prevalence at the country, regional, and global levels. Survey data included in the database are from survey reports and publications that used a population-based sample frame and standard UI (urinary iodine) and TGP (total goiter prevalence) measuring techniques.

Survey reports and publications reporting on goiter and/or urinary iodine that were used in the WHO Global Database on Iodine Deficiency were collected from: ministries of health through WHO regional offices, national research and academic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, organizations in the UN system, and regular searches of online databases such as PubMed, Medline, Embase, Ovid, and WHO regional databases.