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Weekly Bulletins on Outbreaks and Other Emergencies 2018


General Info
Algeria (DZA)
Angola (AGO)
Benin (BEN)
Botswana (BWA)
Burundi (BDI)
Cameroon (CMR)
Chad (TCD)
Congo (COG)
Ethiopia (ETH)
Gambia (GMB)
Ghana (GHA)
Guinea (GIN)
Kenya (KEN)
Liberia (LBR)
Malawi (MWI)
Mali (MLI)
Mauritius (MUS)
Namibia (NAM)
Niger (NER)
Nigeria (NGA)
Senegal (SEN)
Sudan (SDN)
Togo (TGO)
Uganda (UGA)
Zambia (ZMB)
Zimbabwe (ZWE)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2018 - 12/2018
Data type

The Weekly Bulletins focus on public health emergencies in the WHO African Region, including acute disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and humanitarian crises. The bulletins cover new and ongoing events. Brief summaries of all currently monitored events are presented. For selected key events, a longer description with public health measures implemented and an interpretation of the situation are provided.