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Vietnam Health Statistics Yearbook 2012


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Niên giám thống kê y tế 2012
Viet Nam (VNM)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2000 - 12/2012
Data type
  • Financial
  • Subnationally representative

The 2012 Vietnam Health Statistics Yearbook is an annual report that contains health data reported to the Vietnam Ministry of Health by various departments, ministries, health programs, and institutes, as well as the 63 provincial health offices in the country. This report includes data covering topics such as morbidity and mortality, demographics, government budgets and expenditures, and health care use and resources.

Abortion, Abortive outcome, Amoebiasis, Animal injuries, Appendicitis, Asbestosis, Asthma, BCG vaccines, Beds, Birth control pills, Blood disorders, Blood tests, Burns, COPD, Cancers, Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, Causes of death, Cholera, Chronic respiratory diseases, Community health clinics, Condoms, Congenital anomalies, Contraceptives, DTP vaccines, Dengue, Diabetes, Diaphragms, Diarrhea, Diarrheal diseases, Digestive diseases, Diphtheria, Drownings, Eclampsia, Encephalitis, Endocrine disorders, Epilepsy, Falls, Fertility, GDP, Gastritis and duodenitis, Gonococcal infections, Government expenditures, Government health budget, Government health expenditures, Gynecology, HIV and AIDS, Health care costs, Health care personnel, Health care use, Health education, Health facilities, Health insurance, Hearing loss, Heart failure, Hepatitis, Hepatitis B vaccines, Hepatitis vaccines, Hospitals, Hypertension, IUDs, Imaging equipment, Immunization, Incidence, Infant mortality, Infectious diseases, Influenza, Injectable contraceptives, Injuries, Interpersonal violence, Intracerebral hemorrhage, Ischemic heart disease, Length of stay, Leprosy, Life expectancy, Lower respiratory infections, Malaria, Malnutrition, Maternal care, Maternal conditions, Maternal hemorrhage, Maternal mortality, Measles, Measles vaccines, Medical equipment, Medical tests, Meningitis, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mortality, Mumps, Musculoskeletal diseases, Neglected tropical diseases, Neonatal conditions, Noncommunicable diseases, Nurses, Occupational injuries, Occupational risk factors, Outpatient facilities, Patient counts, Pesticides, Pharmacists, Physicians, Poisonings, Polio, Polio vaccines, Population, Population density, Postnatal care, Poverty, Prevalence, Private health facilities, Rabies, Reproductive health, Rheumatoid arthritis, Road traffic injuries, STDs, Schizophrenia, Sexual sterilization, Shigellosis, Silicosis, Skilled birth attendants, Skin diseases, Stillbirths, Stroke, Suffocation, Suicide, Surgical procedures, Syphilis, Tetanus, Traditional birth control, Traditional healers, Traditional medicine, Tuberculosis, Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, Ultrasound, Unintentional injuries, Vaccine preventable childhood diseases, Varicella, Whooping cough, X-rays