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United States - New York Congenital Malformation Rates: Beginning 1992


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New York
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01/1992 - present
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The Congenital Malformations Registry (CMR) of the New York State Department of Health collects data on children who are born or reside in New York State and are diagnosed before the age of two years with any structural, functional or biochemical abnormality. Congenital malformations are those determined genetically or induced during gestation, but not due to the birthing process.  The State Sanitary Code requires hospitals to report a description of the birth defect to the Congenital Malformations Registry where it is reviewed and coded by CMR staff. Congenital Malformation Rates from 1992 on can be downloaded from the New York State Health Data NY database. Data in the database can be filtered by birth year, type of malformation, race/ethnicity, sex, and residence.