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United Kingdom Health Survey for England 2013-2014 - HSCIC


General Info
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2013 - 03/2014
Series or system 
United Kingdom Health Survey for England (HSE)
Data type
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview

The Health Survey for England (HSE) 2013 was the twenty-third in the series of annual surveys conducted in private households since 1994. The primary focus of the 20132 survey was social care, including details on tasks for which help was provided, patterns of care, payment, and aids and equipment used.

The questionnaire included modules on general health, alcohol consumption, smoking, and disability. The HSE 2013 included new modules covering eyesight, end of life care, shift work, average weekly alcohol consumption, wellbeing, and physical activity. The survey also provided the following objective measures of health: blood pressure, anthropometric measurements, and analysis of saliva and blood samples.

A total of 8,795 adults and 2,185 children were successfully interviewed, while nurse visits were conducted among 6,183 adults and 1,455 children.

Alcohol use, Anthropometry, Antihypertensive drugs, Birth weight, Blood pressure, Blood tests, Cancers, Cataracts, Cholesterol, Cholesterol tests, Chronic kidney diseases, Chronic respiratory diseases, Corrective lenses, Diabetes, Diet, Digestive diseases, Disability, Drug consumption, Emergency care, Employment, Secondhand smoke, Ethnicity, Family composition, Family size, Folic acid supplements, Fruits and vegetables, Glaucoma, HIV and AIDS, Health care access, Health care services, Health care use, Health education, Health literacy, Health status, Hearing loss, Heart failure, Height, Hemoglobin, Home care, Hospices, Hospitals, Household deaths, Housing conditions, Hypertension, Income, Influenza vaccines, Insulin, Limited mobility, Living conditions, Macular degeneration, Marital status, Medical equipment, Medicines, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mental health symptoms, Micronutrient supplements, Mobility aids, Neurological conditions, Personal health expenditures, Physical activity, Place of death, Pregnancy, Prescriptions, Preterm birth, Public social assistance, Religion, Respiratory infections, School enrollment, Sense organ diseases, Tobacco smoking, Transportation, Unemployment, Vision loss, Weight, Working conditions, Aged adults, Alcohol use disorders, Assets, Child anthropometry, Education, Employment benefits, Fatigue, Fruits, Health behaviors, Health facilities, Health promotion, Incontinence, Legumes, Mass media, Maternal conditions, Outpatient facilities, Personal caregivers, Private social assistance, Stroke, Symptoms, Varicella, Vegetables, Body mass index