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United Kingdom - England and Wales Abortion Statistics 2008


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England, Wales
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01/1968 - 12/2008
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United Kingdom - England and Wales Abortion Statistics

This report covers statistics on legal abortions carried out in England and Wales (primarily for residents of England and Wales) during 2014. It presents numbers and rates based on procedure location, National Health Service funding status of facility, period of gestation, method of abortion, previous abortions, and grounds for abortion (including abortion due to risk that child would be born disabled--this number may be underreported in the publication). Statistics are obtained via mandatory reporting by physicians.

This report is part of a series running from 2002; statistics from 1974-2001 were published by the Office for National Statistics. In addition to the dimensions above, statistics in the report are broken down by type of facility, age, local residence, residential status, marital status, previous pregnancies and abortions, ethnicity, complication rates, and congenital anomalies.