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Tanzania Public Expenditure Review 1994


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Tanzania Role of Government Public Expenditure Review (in Two Volumes)
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01/1989 - 12/1994
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This World Bank PER examines Tanzania's national expenditures in the areas of education, health, and infrastructure. Volume II of this PER includes various health sector tables regarding bilateral and multilateral assistance for health, spending, programs, and budget. The health sector tables include a summary of recurrent and per capita health sector spending from 1990-1993, sources and uses of recurrent health expenditures by input, and input use in different health sector programs for the years 1991-1992. Additionally a summary of total health sector spending, recurrent and total budget expenditures by program for health, recurrent and capital share of total program spending, and donor spending in the health sector by program are available for 1993-1994. Table IV.28 of volume 2 provides tabular information comparing unit costs and health care personnel salaries in public government facilities to those in private facilities.