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South Africa Integrated Family Survey 1999


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Langeberg Survey
Western Cape
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1999 - 12/1999
Data type
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview

The South Africa Integrated Family Survey was undertaken in the second half of 1999 in the Langeberg health district of the Western Cape province of South Africa. The survey instrument had four modules: for households, younger adults, older adults, and child health. A total of 582 younger adults and 130 older adults were successfully interviewed. Children’s health modules were completed for 297 children under age 13. 

The survey collected data on household demographics and health, dwelling characteristics, household goods and services, education, employment, mortality, migration, income and expenditure (including grants and pensions), and data on social integration and life satisfaction. Household surveys were completed for 294 households. Height and weight measurements were taken for all children and adults.