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Saudi Arabia Statistical Yearbook 2001


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Time period covered 
01/1991 - 12/2001
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Saudi Arabia Statistical Yearbook
Data type
  • Financial
  • Inpatient
  • Nationally representative
  • Outpatient
  • Subnationally representative

The Saudi Arabia Statistical Yearbook is an annual publication of the Central Department of Statistics and Information. It contains a comprehensive collection of statistical data for the various activities of the government and non-government agencies such as the Red Crescent. The chapters contain information on: climate, population, education, health, transportation and communications, agriculture, industry, import and export trade, finance and banking, social services, and the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council.

Abortion, Agriculture, Ambulances, Beds, Birth certificates, Blood supply, Burns, Caesarean section, Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, Climate, Crime, Crops, Dental care, Dentists, Dialysis, Disability, Drownings, Economics, Education, Education degrees, Electricity, Emergency care, Employment, Employment benefits, Exposure to forces of nature, Falls, Fever, Fish, GDP, General surgery, Government expenditures, Government health expenditures, Gynecology, Health care personnel, Health care services, Health care use, Health facilities, Heart failure, Homicide, Hospitals, Housing materials, Hysterectomy, Infant care, Interpersonal violence, Lab personnel, Laboratories, Length of stay, Live births, Livestock, Marital status, Mass media, Maternal care, Maternal conditions, Medical education, Medical equipment, Medical tests, Medicines, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mumps vaccines, Neurosurgery, Noncommunicable diseases, Nurses, Obstetric fistulas, Outpatient facilities, Patient counts, Pharmacies, Pharmacists, Physical therapists, Physical therapy, Physicians, Poisonings, Population, Pregnancy complications, Preterm birth, Prices, Private health facilities, Public health facilities, Public social assistance, Rabies vaccines, Rainfall, Road traffic injuries, Roads, Rubella vaccines, Sanitation, School enrollment, Schools, Sexual sterilization, Stillbirths, Surgeons, Surgical procedures, Teachers, Telecommunications, Telephones, Thoracic surgery, Tourism, Training programs, Transplants, Transportation, Water supply, X-rays, Abortive outcome