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Nepal National Oral Health Pathfinder Survey 2004


General Info
Nepal (NPL)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
04/2004 - 08/2004
Data type
  • Cross-sectional
  • Exam
  • Individual
  • Interview
  • Urban-rural representative

The aim of the 2004 National Oral Health Pathfinder Survey was to collect data on the oral health and hygiene habits of citizens in Nepal by interviewing and examining school-aged children and adults. The study focused on five age groups with 40 to 50 participants selected in each group: 5-6 years, 12-13 years, 15-16 years, 35-49 years and those aged 50 and older.

Data were collected on oral hygiene habits, periodontal health, sugar consumption, oral health care visits, tobacco use and oral health literacy.