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Mauritius Health Statistics Report 2017


General Info
Mauritius (MUS)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1994 - 12/2017
Data type
Acne, Alcohol use, Alcohol use disorders, Allergies, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, Amoebiasis, Amputation, Anogenital herpes, Antenatal care, Anxiety disorders, Asthma, BCG vaccines, Beds, Bipolar affective disorder, Birth asphyxia, Birth weight, Bladder cancer, Blood transfusions, Bone cancers, Brain and nervous system cancers, Breast cancer, Burns, COPD, Caesarean section, Campylobacter enteritis, Cancers, Cannabis use disorders, Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, Cataracts, Cervix uteri cancer, Child health care, Child mortality, Chronic kidney diseases, Cleft lip and cleft palate, Colon and rectum cancers, Community health clinics, Conduct disorder, Congenital anomalies, Congenital heart anomalies, Contact with venomous animals and plants, DTP vaccines, Dengue, Dental care, Dental examinations, Dentists, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Dialysis, Diarrheal diseases, Digestive diseases, Diphtheria, Disability, Drownings, Eczema, Electrocution, Emergency care, Environmental hazards, Epilepsy, Eye examinations, Falls, Family planning, Fertility, Fever, Foreign bodies, Fungal skin diseases, GAS infection, Glaucoma, Gonococcal infections, HIV and AIDS, HIV transmission, HPV vaccines, Haemophilus influenzae infection, Headache, Health care personnel, Health care services, Health care use, Health facilities, Health promotion, Hearing aids, Hearing loss, Heart disease, Heart failure, Heart valve diseases, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B vaccines, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis vaccines, Hodgkin lymphoma, Home care, Homicide, Hookworm disease, Hospitals, Hypertension, ICD-10, Idiopathic intellectual disability, Immunization, Incidence, Infant mortality, Influenza, Influenza vaccines, Injuries, Intensive care units, Intentional injuries, Interventions, Intestinal infectious diseases, Intestinal nematode infections, Invasive nontyphoidal salmonella, Ischemic heart disease, Kidney and other urinary organ cancers, Lab personnel, Laboratories, Larynx cancer, Length of stay, Leprosy, Leukemia, Life expectancy, Live births, Liver cancer, Lower respiratory infections, MMR vaccines, Malaria, Malnutrition, Maternal conditions, Maternal hemorrhage, Maternal morbidity, Maternal mortality, Maternal sepsis, Measles, Medical tests, Melanoma, Meningococcal infection, Meningococcal meningitis, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mobility aids, Mortality, Mouth cancer, Musculoskeletal diseases, Neglected tropical diseases, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Nurses, Occupational injuries, Otitis media, Outpatient facilities, Ovary cancer, PMTCT, Pain, Pancreas cancer, Paralysis, Parkinson's disease, Patient counts, Pentavalent vaccines, Periodontal diseases, Peripheral vascular diseases, Pharmacies, Pharmacists, Physical therapy, Physicians, Pneumococcal vaccines, Poisonings, Polio vaccines, Population characteristics, Population density, Postnatal care, Pregnancy, Pregnancy complications, Preterm birth, Preterm birth complications, Preventive interventions, Private health facilities, Prostate cancer, Public health facilities, Rheumatic heart disease, Road traffic injuries, Rotavirus, Rotavirus vaccines, STDs, Scabies, Schistosomiasis, Schizophrenia, School conditions, School enrollment, Screening, Screening mammography, Seizures, Self-inflicted injuries, Sense organ diseases, Sepsis, Skilled birth attendants, Skin cancers, Skin diseases, Sleep disorders, Stillbirths, Stomach cancer, Sudden infant death syndrome, Suicide, Surgical procedures, Symptoms, Syphilis, Testicular cancer, Tetanus, Tetanus toxoid vaccines, Thyroid cancer, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers, Traditional medicine, Tuberculosis, Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, Ultrasound, Unipolar depressive disorders, Upper respiratory infections, VCT, Vision loss, Vital statistics, Whooping cough, X-rays, Yellow fever vaccines