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Japan National Health and Nutrition Survey 2015


General Info
Japan (JPN)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
11/2015 - 11/2015
Data type
  • Cross-sectional
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview

The National Health and Nutrition Survey 2015 evaluated the health status, lifestyle, and nutritional and food intake of the Japanese population. Responses were collected from 5,327 households in 300 randomly selected districts. Among all participants (one year or older), 7,456 people completed the dietary intake survey and 7,136 answered the lifestyle questionnaire. In addition, 7,148 people received physical examinations, 3,320 had blood tests, and 5,884 measured step counts. The lifestyle questionnaire covered eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, and exercise. Physical examinations measured the height, weight, abdominal circumference, and blood pressure of participants. Before 2003, the National Health and Nutrition Survey was known as the National Nutrition Survey.

A report on the 2015 survey contains tabulations on daily nutrient intake, broken down by sex and 10-year age groups.