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Global Tuberculosis Molecular Epidemiology Systematic Review Dataset


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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
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Time period covered 
01/1989 - 12/2016

IHME and collaborating researchers conducted a study to map the global distribution of genotypes of bacterial strains that cause tuberculosis disease and examine whether any epidemiologically relevant clinical characteristics were associated with those genotypes. They performed a systematic review to create a comprehensive dataset of human TB molecular epidemiology studies that used representative sampling techniques. Data were extracted and synthesized from 206 studies that reported prevalence of bacterial genotypes (representing over 200,000 bacterial isolates collected over 27 years in 85 countries) and from 34 studies that reported clinical characteristics associated with those genotypes. This dataset contains the following: a screening sheet detailing all studies reviewed; raw genotype distribution data extracted in the systematic review; raw genetic clustering data extracted; and sheets containing MTBC genotype conversions for all genotyping methods included in this study.