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Global Snakebite Envenoming Vulnerability Estimates


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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
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07/2018 - 07/2018
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Contemporary range maps for 278 medically important snake species and estimates of the populations most vulnerable to snakebite envenoming were produced. Existing expert opinion range (EOR) maps, occurrence data, and a multivariate environmental similarity analysis were used to generate the contemporary range maps. These data were triangulated with geographical accessibility surfaces, the HAQ Index (a measure of healthcare access and quality), and information on antivenom availability to identify vulnerable populations.

This dataset includes: shapefiles for the range maps and vulnerable population counts; GeoTIFF files at the 5x5 km-level for venomous snake species ranges, vulnerable population hotspots, and travel time to major cities in snake species ranges; and CSV files for vulnerable populations at the admin 2-level.

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