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Global Educational Attainment 1970-2015


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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
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01/1970 - 12/2015
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These are IHME results data from a global analysis of educational attainment spanning the last 50 years. These data are an update to earlier estimates (Educational Attainment and Child Mortality Estimates by Country 1970-2009) and inform the policy report "A Hand Up: Global Progress Towards Universal Education," as well as the Social Determinants of Health Visualization, which is supported by the Center for Health Trends and Forecasts at IHME.

This data file provides estimates of average years of educational attainment per capita for people over the age of 15 for the years 1970-2015 by year, sex, and age group for 188 countries, 21 GBD regions, 7 GBD super regions, and the global aggregate. Age-standardized and population-weighted estimates are included for females 15-44 and for both sexes for the age group 25+.