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Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries 2017


General Info
Denmark (DNK)
Faroe Islands, Åland Islands
Greenland (GRL)
Iceland (ISL)
Norway (NOR)
Sweden (SWE)
Finland (FIN)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1960 - 10/2017
Series or system 
Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries
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Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries provides health data for Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Topics covered include health care use, health care expenditure, mortality, morbidity, population and fertility. 

Abortion, Alcohol use disorders, Analgesics, Antibiotics, Asthma, Beds, Biopsy, Birth control pills, Birth weight, Blood disorders, Body mass index, Breast cancer, Burns, COPD, Caesarean section, Cancers, Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, Cardiovascular surgical procedures, Causes of morbidity, Cervix uteri cancer, Chlamydia, Chronic kidney diseases, Chronic respiratory diseases, Colon and rectum cancers, Congenital anomalies, Contraceptives, DTP vaccines, Dentists, Digestive diseases, Diphtheria vaccines, Emergency contraception, Endocrine disorders, Fertility, Fertility agents, GDP, General surgery, Gonococcal infections, Government health expenditures, HIV and AIDS, Health care personnel, Health facilities, Health promotion, Hospitals, Hysterectomy, ICD-10, Immune system disorders, Immunization, Incidence, Infant mortality, Infectious diseases, Influenza vaccines, Injuries, Insulin, Ischemic heart disease, Lab personnel, Legislation, Length of stay, Leukemia, Life expectancy, Live births, Maternal conditions, Measles vaccines, Medicines, Melanoma, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mortality, Musculoskeletal diseases, Nurses, Obesity, Physical therapists, Physicians, Poisonings, Polio vaccines, Population, Prescriptions, Private health facilities, Prostate cancer, Public health facilities, Road traffic injuries, Rubella vaccines, STDs, Screening, Sense organ diseases, Skilled birth attendants, Skin diseases, Smokeless tobacco use, Stillbirths, Suicide, Surgical procedures, Syphilis, Testicular cancer, Tetanus toxoid vaccines, Thoracic surgery, Tobacco smoking, Trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers, Transplants, Tuberculosis, Unintentional injuries, Urinary diseases, Vital statistics