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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at Current Market Prices by NUTS 2 Regions


General Info
Austria (AUT)
Belgium (BEL)
Bulgaria (BGR)
Croatia (HRV)
Czechia (CZE)
Denmark (DNK)
Estonia (EST)
Finland (FIN)
France (FRA)
Germany (DEU)
Greece (GRC)
Hungary (HUN)
Iceland (ISL)
Ireland (IRL)
Italy (ITA)
Latvia (LVA)
Lithuania (LTU)
Macedonia (MKD) (North Macedonia)
Malta (MLT)
Norway (NOR)
Poland (POL)
Portugal (PRT)
Romania (ROU)
Slovakia (SVK)
Slovenia (SVN)
Spain (ESP)
Sweden (SWE)
Türkiye (TUR)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1995 - present
Data type
Financial record:
  • Subnationally representative

This table from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) presents the gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices for NUTS Level 2 and Level 3 regions in European Union member states and candidate countries, expressed in millions of Euros. The basic data used in the calculation of the regional GDP estimates, which are produced by Eurostat based on a harmonized methodology, come from individual National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). The NSI statistics come from a variety of sources, including government administrative data, censuses, and business and household surveys.