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Global Report on Antimalarial Efficacy and Drug Resistance 2000-2010


General Info
Angola (AGO)
Benin (BEN)
Cambodia (KHM)
Cameroon (CMR)
Chad (TCD)
China (CHN)
Colombia (COL)
Comoros (COM)
Congo (COG)
Ecuador (ECU)
Eritrea (ERI)
Ethiopia (ETH)
Ghana (GHA)
Guyana (GUY)
Honduras (HND)
India (IND)
Indonesia (IDN)
Kenya (KEN)
Malawi (MWI)
Malaysia (MYS)
Mali (MLI)
Myanmar (MMR)
Namibia (NAM)
Nepal (NPL)
Nicaragua (NIC)
Niger (NER)
Nigeria (NGA)
Pakistan (PAK)
Peru (PER)
Rwanda (RWA)
Senegal (SEN)
Somalia (SOM)
Sri Lanka (LKA)
Sudan [Historical] (SDN) (South Sudan, Sudan)
Suriname (SUR)
Thailand (THA)
Gambia (GMB)
Togo (TGO)
Uganda (UGA)
Viet Nam (VNM)
Yemen (YEM)
Zambia (ZMB)
Zimbabwe (ZWE)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2000 - 06/2010
Data type
  • Epi surveillance

The Global Report on Antimalarial Efficacy and Drug Resistance: 2000-2010 presents an overview of antimalarial drug efficacy and the resistance of malaria parasite to antimalarial drugs for more than 70 countries during 2000-2010. The report is based on the results of therapeutic efficacy studies collected and analysed for the WHO Global database on antimalarial drug efficacy. An annex in the report details the data sources for the database on which the report is based as well as the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the studies that went into the database. The report includes figures with information on treatment failure rates aggregated by WHO region and subregion, and maps with the distribution of type of first-line or second-line treatments used per country.