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Finland Study On Health, Living Habits, and Human Relations 1971-1972


General Info
Finland (FIN)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
11/1971 - 01/1972
Data type
  • Household

The HLH study was an interdisciplinary population study covering different research areas. Data collection efforts under this project included: a study of sexual behavior and contraceptives practices, a study of fertility and family planning, a study of risk patterns in health behavior, and a study of morbidity and the use of medical services. The survey included two questionnaires: one was completed using an interview, the second the participant completed in the presence of the interviewer, but the interviewer did not see the responses. The sample for the survey was 912 males and 1490 females, ages 18-54.

A report (academic dissertation) titled, Contraception in Finland in a Public Health Perspective, contains tabulations, questionnaires used in the survey, and an analysis of parts of the study relating to contraception practices in Finland. Some libraries may be able to procure this report through the interlibrary loan system.