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Ecuador Living Conditions Survey 2013-2014


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Encuesta de Condiciones de Vida (ECV) 2013-2014
Ecuador (ECU)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
11/2013 - 10/2014
Data type
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview
  • Nationally representative
  • Subnationally representative
  • Urban-rural representative

This was the sixth round of the Living Conditions Survey (ECV) in Ecuador. Interviews were conducted in a total of 28,970 households. Questionnaires covered the topics of housing, household demographics, education, migration, employment, income, household expenditures, social capital, fertility, environmental practices, psychosocial well-being, perception of living standards and security, use of time, and health.

Absenteeism, Agriculture, Alcohol use, Antenatal care, Anthropometry, Antimalarials, Appetite loss, Assets, BCG vaccines, Birth certificates, Birth control pills, Birth place, Birth weight, Breastfeeding, Caesarean section, Causes of morbidity, Child care, Child labor, Community action, Condoms, Contraceptive implants, Contraceptives, Cooking fuels, Crime, Crops, Diarrhea, Disability, Disasters, Domestic migration, Education, Education access, Education expenditures, Electricity, Emergency contraception, Employment, Employment benefits, Environmental hazards, Ethnicity, Family composition, Family planning, Family size, Fertility, Fertilizers, Fishing, Food expenditures, Gestational age, Gynecology, Health care access, Health care use, Health insurance, Health literacy, Health status, Hearing loss, Height, Hospitals, Hours worked, Household air pollution, Household expenditures, Household water treatment, Housing, Housing conditions, Housing materials, Hygiene, IUDs, Immunization, Income, Injuries, International migration, Internet, Interpersonal violence, Iron supplements, Land ownership, Languages, Leisure activities, Lighting, Limited mobility, Literacy, Live births, Livestock, Loans, MMR vaccines, Marital status, Mass media, Maternal age, Medical tests, Medicines, Mental and behavioral disorders, Mental health symptoms, Micronutrient supplements, Milk, Occupations, Oral rehydration therapy, Pap smears, Pentavalent vaccines, Personal health expenditures, Pesticides, Pharmacies, Physical activity, Place of delivery, Pneumococcal vaccines, Polio vaccines, Poverty, Pregnancy, Pregnancy complications, Private health facilities, Private social assistance, Public social assistance, Refrigeration, Rotavirus vaccines, Rubella vaccines, Sanitation, School conditions, School enrollment, Screening mammography, Sexual sterilization, Skilled birth attendants, Sleep, Sugar-sweetened beverages, Summary birth history, Surgical procedures, Taxes, Telephones, Tetanus toxoid vaccines, Tobacco smoking, Traditional birth control, Traditional medicine, Training programs, Transportation, Unemployment, Urban ambient air pollution, Vision loss, Vitamin A supplements, Waste disposal, Water supply, Weight, Working conditions