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Croatia Health Service Yearbook 2005


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Hrvatski Zdravstveno-Statistički Ljetopis Za 2005. Godinu
Croatia (HRV)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1980 - 12/2005
Series or system 
Croatian Health Statistics Yearbook
Data type
  • Epi surveillance
  • Subnationally representative

The Croatian Health Service Yearbook 2005 (Hrvatski Zdravstveno-Statistički Ljetopis Za 2005. Godinu) provides data on the state of the Croatian health care system, and infectious and non-communicable diseases, live births, stillbirths, and deaths in Croatia through 2005. Data are presented in tables and figures at the national and subnational level. Additionally, the report provides information on life expectancy, and infant, neonatal, and maternal mortality rates for Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, European Union - 25, and the European Region. Data presented in the 2005 Croatian Health Service Yearbook come from the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics, Croatian National Institute of Public Health (IANPHI), the Communicable Diseases Epidemiology Department of IANPHI, disease registries, health facility reports, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Abortion, Acne, Acute glomerulonephritis, Adenovirus, Adolescents, Adult mortality, Adverse effects of medical treatments, Agriculture, Alcohol use disorders, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, Ambulances, Anemia, Anogenital herpes, Antenatal care, Anxiety disorders, Appendicitis, Asbestosis, Asthma, BCG vaccines, Back pain, Bacterial skin diseases, Beds, Birth asphyxia, Birth weight, Blood supply, Blood transfusions, Brain and nervous system cancers, Breast cancer, Breastfeeding, Burns, COPD, Campylobacter enteritis, Cancers, Cannabis use disorders, Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, Causes of death, Causes of morbidity, Cerebrovascular diseases, Cervix uteri cancer, Child development, Child health care, Children, Chronic kidney diseases, Chronic respiratory diseases, Cirrhosis of the liver, Cleft lip and cleft palate, Clinical breast exams, Cocaine use disorders, Colon and rectum cancers, Community health clinics, Congenital anomalies, Congenital heart anomalies, Contraceptives, Corpus uteri cancer, DTP vaccines, Dental care, Dental caries, Dental examinations, Dentists, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Diagnosis, Diaphragms, Diarrheal diseases, Digestive diseases, Diphtheria, Disability, Drug consumption, Drug resistance, Drug use disorders, E. coli, Echinococcosis, Eclampsia, Eczema, Electrocardiograms, Emergency care, Encephalitis, Endocrine disorders, Environmental hazards, Epilepsy, Family planning, Female infertility, Fertility, Food contamination, Foreign bodies, Gall bladder and bile duct disease, General surgery, Genital prolapse, Glaucoma, Gonococcal infections, Gynecological diseases, Gynecology, HIV and AIDS, Health care personnel, Health care services, Health care use, Health education, Health facilities, Health facility conditions, Health insurance, Health resources, Hearing loss, Heart failure, Hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B vaccines, Hepatitis C, Hib vaccines, Home care, Hospitals, Hyperplasia of prostate, Hypertension, Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, ICD-10, IUDs, Idiopathic intellectual disability, Illicit drug use, Immune system disorders, Immunization, Incidence, Infant care, Infant mortality, Infants, Infectious diseases, Influenza, Inguinal and femoral hernia, Injuries, Interpersonal violence, Intestinal infectious diseases, Intestinal nematode infections, Iron-deficiency anemia, Ischemic heart disease, Kidney and other urinary organ cancers, Lab personnel, Laboratories, Larynx cancer, Leishmaniasis, Length of stay, Life expectancy, Lifestyle risk factors, Limited mobility, Live births, Lower respiratory infections, MMR vaccines, Malaria, Maternal age, Maternal conditions, Maternal hemorrhage, Maternal mortality, Maternal sepsis, Measles, Medical tests, Meningitis, Menopause, Mental and behavioral disorders, Migraine, Mortality, Multiple births, Mumps, Musculoskeletal diseases, Neglected tropical diseases, Neonatal conditions, Neurological conditions, Neurosurgery, Noncommunicable diseases, Nurses, Nutrition, Nutritional deficiencies, Obesity, Occupational injuries, Occupations, Opioid use disorders, Oral conditions, Organized violence, Osteoarthritis, Otitis media, Outpatient facilities, Ovary cancer, Pancreas cancer, Pap smears, Parkinson's disease, Patient counts, Pediatrics, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Peptic ulcer disease, Pharmacies, Pharmacists, Physical examinations, Physical therapists, Physical therapy, Physicians, Pneumoconiosis, Poisonings, Polio, Polio vaccines, Population, Postnatal care, Pregnancy, Pregnancy complications, Preterm birth complications, Prevalence, Preventive interventions, Private health facilities, Prostate cancer, Public health facilities, Public social assistance, Refraction and accommodation disorders, Rehabilitation, Rheumatic heart disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Road traffic injuries, Rotavirus, Rubella, STDs, Salmonella infections, Scabies, Schizophrenia, School enrollment, Screening, Self-inflicted injuries, Sense organ diseases, Sexual behavior, Silicosis, Skilled birth attendants, Skin diseases, Socioeconomic risk factors, Stillbirths, Stomach cancer, Stroke, Sudden infant death syndrome, Suicide, Surgeons, Syphilis, Teachers, Thyroid cancer, Thyroid gland disorders, Trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers, Trichomoniasis, Trichuriasis, Tuberculosis, Unipolar depressive disorders, Upper respiratory infections, Urinary diseases, Urinary tract infections, Urticaria, Varicella, Water supply, Whooping cough, Abortive outcome