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Costa Rica Survey of Family Health Services and Expenses 2008


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Encuesta sobre los Servicios y Gastos de Salud de la Familia PAREO
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
07/2008 - 07/2008
Data type
  • Cross-sectional
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview
  • Urban-rural representative

The Costa Rica Survey of Family Health and Expenses was carried out in order to investigate the perception of public and private health services, to examine risk factors, and to create an estimate of household spending on private health services.

The sample size of 504 households in both urban and rural areas was determined through the use of data from the 2000 National Census. Of the 504 households, a total of 502 interviews were completed. The survey consisted of an in-home interview in which each member over 18 was asked a series of questions. Parents gave answers for members under the age of 18. The interviews were conducted during July 2008.

The broad themes of the interview were perceptions of health services, lifestyle, medical services use, chronic conditions, household expenditures and health status. The health status section included an inventory of symptoms and self-reported height and weight.

Allergies, Amputation, Analgesics, Anemia, Antibiotics, Antihypertensive drugs, Anxiety, Asthma, BCG vaccines, Back pain, Blood glucose, Blood pressure, Blood tests, Chronic kidney diseases, Community health clinics, Contraceptives, Cooking fuels, Corrective lenses, Cough, DTP vaccines, Dental care, Dental caries, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Dietary supplements, Edentulism, Education, Education access, Education degrees, Education expenditures, Electricity, Emergency care, Employment, Falls, Family composition, Family size, Fever, Food expenditures, Glaucoma, Headache, Health care expenditures, Health care services, Health facility conditions, Health insurance, Health status, Hearing loss, Heart disease, Height, Hepatitis, Home care, Hospitals, Hours worked, Household expenditures, Housing materials, Hypertension, Income, Influenza vaccines, Injuries, Ischemic heart disease, Laboratories, Leisure activities, MMR vaccines, Marital status, Measles, Measles vaccines, Medical equipment, Medicines, Meningococcal vaccines, Mental health symptoms, Micronutrient supplements, Musculoskeletal diseases, Neck pain, Occult blood, Occupations, Pain, Paralysis, Peptic ulcer disease, Periodontal diseases, Personal health expenditures, Pharmacies, Physical activity, Pneumococcal vaccines, Polio vaccines, Prescriptions, Prostheses and implants, Public health facilities, Rotavirus vaccines, Rubella, Rubella vaccines, Sanitation, School enrollment, Self-treatment, Sleep, Sleep disorders, Symptoms, Taxes, Tobacco smoking, Transportation, Tuberculosis, Ultrasound, Unemployment, Urine tests, Vision loss, Waste disposal, Water supply, Weight, Working conditions, X-rays, Yellow fever vaccines