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CDC Yellow Book 2020 Health Information For International Travel


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01/2020 - 01/2020
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CDC Health Information for International Travel
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CDC's Yellow Book (Health Information for International Travel) is published every two years as a resource for health professionals providing care to international travelers. The fully revised and updated CDC Yellow Book 2020 compiles the US government’s most current travel health guidelines, including pre-travel vaccine recommendations, destination-specific health advice, and easy-to-reference maps, tables, and charts.

The 2020 Yellow Book includes important travel medicine updates:

  • Recommendations for providing travel health care remotely via telemedicine
  • Discussion of legal issues facing clinicians providing travel health care
  • Cutting-edge rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases
  • Introduction of new FDA-approved antimalarial drugs
  • Road traffic safety advice for travelers
  • Recommendations for treating infectious diseases in the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance