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Cancer in Poland in 2008


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Nowotwory Złośliwe w Polsce w 2008 roku
Poland (POL)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1965 - 12/2008
Series or system 
Poland Cancer Registration System
Data type

The 2008 report from Poland's National Cancer Registry, KRN (in Polish and English), presents numbers, rates, and MI ratio for total cancer incidence by site and sex, by year from 1965-2008. Trends for this same period are examined more closely for a number of cancers by site. Numbers and rates for incidence and mortality in 2008 are given by cancer site, sex, and 5-year age group as well as by site, sex, and voivodeship; MI ratios by sex and site or voivodeship for 2008 are included as well, as is an examination of 5-year survival for 2006. Data was provided by 16 subnational cancer registries; registration is uneven among provinces, however, and overall underregistration for the country is estimated at about 15% for 2008.