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Burundi Statistical Yearbook 2011


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Annuaire Statistique du Burundi 2011, No. 76
Burundi (BDI)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2008 - 12/2011
Series or system 
Burundi Statistical Yearbook
Data type
  • Epi surveillance
  • Subnationally representative
  • Urban-rural representative

The Statistical Yearbook is an annual publication produced by the Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. Presented in seventeen chapters, the information covered includes population, the environment, health, social protections, employment, education, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing and production, transportation and telecommunications, water and energy production, mining, price indices, trade data, banking and public finance, and other business related figures. Population data is drawn from the 1990 and 2008 censuses. Figures of particular interest include health care prices for medical examinations, consultations with specialists by type, and the prices of hospital stays. 

Abortion, Abortive outcome, Adult mortality, African trypanosomiasis, Agriculture, Anemia, Antenatal care, Asthma, BCG vaccines, Beds, Birth weight, Blood supply, Burns, COPD, Causes of morbidity, Child mortality, Cholera, Climate, Crops, DTP vaccines, Diarrheal diseases, Disability, Education, Employment, Fever, Fishing, GDP, Gastritis and duodenitis, Goiter, Gonococcal infections, Government expenditures, Government health expenditures, HIV and AIDS, Health care access, Health care costs, Health care personnel, Health care prices, Health care use, Health facilities, Health facility conditions, Health insurance, Hepatitis, Hospitals, Immunization, Incidence, Income, Infant mortality, Infectious diseases, Infrastructure, Injuries, Intestinal infectious diseases, Intestinal nematode infections, Leprosy, Live births, Livestock, Lower respiratory infections, Malaria, Malnutrition, Manufacturing, Marital status, Maternal mortality, Measles, Measles vaccines, Meningococcal meningitis, Mining, Mortality, Nonprofits, Nurses, Occupational risk factors, Onchocerciasis, Outpatient facilities, Patient counts, Physicians, Place of delivery, Polio, Polio vaccines, Population, Pregnancy, Pregnancy complications, Prevalence, Prices, Private health facilities, Public health facilities, Public social assistance, Rabies, Rainfall, Religion, Roads, Schistosomiasis, School enrollment, Schools, Sense organ diseases, Shigellosis, Stillbirths, Syphilis, Teachers, Telecommunications, Tetanus, Tetanus toxoid vaccines, Tourism, Tuberculosis, Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, Upper respiratory infections, Varicella, Whooping cough, Yellow fever