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Belarus Demographic Yearbook 2017


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Demographic Yearbook of the Republic of Belarus Statistical Book
Belarus (BLR)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1990 - 01/2017
Series or system 
Data type
Vital registration:
  • Epi surveillance
  • Subnationally representative
  • Urban-rural representative

The statistical yearbook features data on population size and age-sex composition, distribution throughout the country, numbers of births and deaths, marriage and divorce rates, international population migration, and life expectancy at birth. The information is presented for the country as a whole and in a breakdown by regions and Minsk City. Data for selected indicators are provided for some towns and regional districts. The report contains brief explanations of data sources, methods of data collection, and calculation rules for the indicators. The yearbook includes diagrams and charts, has some map materials, and is presented in Russian and English.