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Australia - Queensland Cancer Registry Statistical Tables 2006


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Australia (AUS)
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01/1982 - 12/2006
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The Queensland Cancer Registry is a population based registry recording all cases of cancer diagnosed in Queensland since 1982. Notification of cancer is a statutory requirement for all hospitals, nursing homes, and pathology services.

The Queensland Cancer Registry coded cancers to ICD-O-3; for this publication the codes have been mapped to ICD-10-AM. The annual report publications prior to 2004 were based on the ICD-O-2 coding system and due to this change, data in this report are not comparable to publications prior to 2004.

This report gives a summary of invasive primary cancer incidence and mortality statistics in Queensland including cancers and their limited duration prevalence by site, sex, and 5-year age group for 2006. In addition,  the 20 leading cancer sites for males and females and age-standardized rates for incidence and mortality by site and sex are given with counts for 1982-2006 (1982-1986 and 1987-1991 are aggregated, with averages in the tables).