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Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 (GBD 2019) - Risk Factors 1 (Alcohol Use - Radon Exposure)

Alcohol Use

Ambient Ozone

Bullying victimization

Ambient Particulate Matter

Analytical flowchart of the comparative risk assessment for the estimation of population attributable fractions

Body Mass Index

Bone Mineral Density

Drug Use

Lead Exposure

Chewing tobacco

Child growth failure

  • Optimize SD on Mean, Prevalence of
  • Combine distribution weights weight mean, SD to create z-score distribution
  • Integrate at mild, moderate, and severe thresholds
  • Extract four Z-score based values (mean Z-score, prevalence of
  • Crosswalk tabulated 1978 NCHS growth standard data to equivalent WHO 2006 growth standard values (
  • Linear regression of predict mean Z-score value for all location-age-sex-year where not published
  • Calculate HAZ, WAZ, WHZ Z-score for children 0-59 months using WHO Child Growth Standards
  • Collapse into geography-year-age-sex mean, SD
  • Age- and sex-splitting of aggregate data into GBD age/sex groups based on microdata age/sex pattern
  • Ensemble distributions fit using individual level microdata by survey and sex
  • ST-GPR
  • Calculate the effect of each of the three undernutrition indicators adjusted for the effect of the other two
  • Calculate PAFs using exposure, relative risks, and TMREL

Radon Exposure