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China Longitudinal Survey on Rural Urban Migration 2008-2009


General Info
Original or alternative title 
China Household Income Project 2008 (CHIP 2008)/Rural-Urban Migration in China Survey 2009 (RUMiC 2009)
China (CHN)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/2008 - 12/2009
Series or system 
China Household Income Project
Data type
  • Community
  • Household
  • Individual
  • Interview
  • Longitudinal

The China Longitudinal Survey on Rural Urban Migration 2008-2009 is a follow-up survey within the China Household Income Project series. This round was combined multiple surveys and was referred to as the China Household Income Project (CHIP) and the Rural-Urban Migration in China (RUMIC). It consisted of an urban household survey, a rural household survey, and a migrant household survey. The purpose of this project was to gather socioeconomic data on urban, rural, and migrant households.

Data were collected through in-person interviews with households in urban and rural areas within China. Urban and migrant households were interviewed within the provinces of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, and Sichuan. The rural household survey took place in the same areas with the omission of Shanghai and the addition of Hebei. The sample size was 8,000 rural households, 5,000 urban households, and 5,000 migrant households in rural and urban areas.