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Sweden - Stockholm Public Health Survey 2006-2007


General Info
Original or alternative title 
Hälsa Stockholm 2006
Sweden (SWE)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
08/2006 - 02/2007
Series or system 
Sweden - Stockholm Public Health Survey
Data type
  • Individual
  • Longitudinal

The Stockholm Public Health Survey (now known as Health Stockholm) was designed to collect information on the health of the population in Stockholm County. Beginning in 2002-2003, the Stockholm Public Health Surveys were conducted every four years; each year, the samples from previous rounds were surveyed along with a new cross-sectional sample. Together, the cohorts from each survey are known as the Stockholm Public Health Cohort (SPHC).

Each cross-sectional cohort sample was selected from the Swedish Total Population Register; in 2006-2007, the cohort included 34,700 participants aged 18 to 84. Self-reported data were collected through postal and web-based questionnaires, covering topics such as health status, height and weight, tobacco and alcohol use, physical activity, employment, and mental health. In addition to self-reported data, the SPHC also collected information through regional and national health and population registers based on participants' national registration numbers. 

Suggested citation 
Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Statistics Sweden, Stockholm County Council. Sweden - Stockholm Public Health Survey 2006-2007.