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Greece Cancer Morbidity Report 1990-1991


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Cancer Morbidity in Greece 1990 - 1991
Greece (GRC)
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08/1990 - 07/1991
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The Greek Cancer Registry is a service of the Central Health Council. It was founded in 1988 and it began to collect data of new cancer cases in  August 1990. The Greek Cancer Registry covers all lhe Greek population.

The present publication contains the results of the registration of all the new cases of non benign (except metastic) neoplasms which have been reported to the Greek Cancer Registry from August 1990 to July 1991. Frequency tables, figures and incidences are given, but the latter only for malignant primary neoplasms. Cancers are coded using ICD-O.

One part of the reported cases lacks age data. This directly affects the age specific and standardized incidences because the cases without age are not taken into consideration for their calculation. In this publication corrected incidences are presented wherever that is required. Incidence is listed by site and sex, and for age specific incidence by sex--a different table for each site.

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Greek Cancer Registry, Ministry of Health and Welfare (Greece). Greece Cancer Morbidity Report 1990-1991. Greece: Ministry of Health and Welfare (Greece), 1997.
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