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Control of Foodborne Trematode Infections 1995


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WHO Technical Report Series 849. Control of Foodborne Trematode Infections. Report of a WHO Study Group
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01/1991 - 12/1993
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This report is the result of the WHO Study Group on the Control of Foodborne Trematode Infections meeting in Manila from October 18-26, 1993. The report reviews advances in the study of foodborne trematode infections and identifies gaps in knowledge and methods of control. An assessment of the epidemiological status of foodborne trematode infections is presented, with an emphasis on clonorchiasis, fascioliasis, opisthorchiasis, and paragonimiasis.

Annex 1 contains report tabulations listing the endemic countries that provided data to the WHO Study Group with population numbers, the population at risk for infection, and the number of people infected. The estimates of prevalence and morbidity are based on actual surveys or extrapolation from available epidemiological studies.
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World Health Organization (WHO). Control of Foodborne Trematode Infections 1995. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO), 1995.
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