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China National Health Services Survey 1998


General Info
China (CHN)
Coverage type 
Time period covered 
01/1998 - 12/1998
Series or system 
China National Health Services Survey
Data type
  • Household
  • Interview
  • Nationally representative

The 1998 National Health Services Survey (NHSS) evaluated the health needs of urban and rural residents, and the availability and utilization of health services and insurance programs. The survey covered 216,101 people in 56,994 households in rural and urban areas of China. Household interviews were administered by local medical workers, under supervision from doctors.

The report on the NHSS provides tables on disease and injury prevalence, hospitalization rates, care for pregnant women, and general household information. Tables are broken down by location type and 10-year age group (often not by age and sex).

Suggested citation 
Ministry of Health (China). China National Health Services Survey 1998 .