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Geospatial Data

Below are links to data visualizations, data, publications, and other IHME-produced Geospatial data resources. Look forward to more resources on this page in the near future.

Local Burden of Disease - Under-5 mortality

Data visualization of localized child and infant mortality trends within 46 countries in Africa from 2000–2015.

GHDx Records

Africa Under-5 and Neonatal Mortality Geospatial Estimates 1998-2017

Results as appearing in The Lancet

Indicators: Child mortality, Infant mortality

Related Publications: Mapping under-5 and neonatal mortality in Africa, 2000‒2015: a baseline analysis for the Sustainable Development Goals

Files available for download:

Africa Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Pandemic Potential Estimates

Results as appearing in The Lancet

Indicators: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus disease, Lassa fever, Marburg virus disease

Related Publications: Local, national, and regional viral haemorrhagic fever pandemic potential in Africa: a multistage analysis

Files available for download: