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GBD Results Tool

Default results are global all-cause deaths and DALYs for 2019 with trends since 1990.

Refer to the documentation and files available in the Help tab for assistance with common questions and guidance querying the tool, downloading results, interpreting and using results, and troubleshooting.

What's included:

  • All GBD causes, risks, impairments, and injuries by nature
  • Measures: deaths, years of life lost (YLLs), years lived with disability (YLDs), disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), prevalence, incidence, life expectancy, healthy life expectancy (HALE), maternal mortality ratio (MMR), and summary exposure value (SEV)
  • Metrics (units): number, rate, percent, years
  • Years: 1990-2019; annual results for all measures
  • All GBD age groups
  • Sexes: males, females, both sexes
  • Locations: GBD super regions, regions, countries, select subnational units, and custom regions (WHO regions, World Bank Income Levels, and more)
  • GBD Results Tool User Guide [PDF]: Find help with querying the tool for specific results, downloading files, and troubleshooting
  • Codebook [ZIP]: Access the following files:
    • A machine-actionable codebook with variable labels, and IDs and names for causes, locations, and other coded values
    • Cause, risk, and location hierarchies
    • Metrics definitions for each measure
    • An Excel workbook with results by measure for causes, risks, impairments, and more
    • An Excel file with the age groups included in each context: cause, risk, life expectancy, population, and more
  • GBD 2019 Data and Tools Overview [ZIP]: Explore a guide that includes a GBD glossary, all coded value names and IDs, and more

Note on Search Queries: Including many search parameters may cause issues with downloads.

  • Queries with large parameters can result in files that omit some results specified in the query–certain age groups, years, etc.
  • Break your query down into smaller parts. For example, do not query all locations AND many or all causes, age groups, years, etc. at the same time

Data made available for download on the GHDx can be used, shared, modified, or built upon by non-commercial users via the Open Data Commons Attribution License. For more information (and inquiries about commercial use), visit IHME Terms and Conditions.