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About Search

The GHDx uses the SOLR open source search engine.  Search only looks at information in dataset records and series − not, for instance, geographic information that you find on the country profile pages. Refer to Searching the GHDx for information about how to use search. 

Synonyms and Related Terms

In the GHDx, we use synonyms and related terms to improve search results. 

Synonyms: Searching for a synonym of a keyword yields the same results as searching for the term itself.  For example, "sibling history" and "sibling survival" are synonyms.

Related terms: When you search for one of our keywords, you may see suggested related searches. These data may be connected to the data you are looking for and may also be helpful.  "Malaria" and "insecticide-treated bednets" are related terms.

If you do not see the results you expect for a particular search, it may be that you are searching for a term that is not yet listed as a synonym of one of our terms.  Please let us know what you searched for, so that we may improve results in the future.